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Established by Alpha hedge funds group partners, Ragnar utilizes its unique knowledge of the public markets in making top-notch Crossover strategy investments.

Viking Boat Sculpture

Who we are

Founded in 2021, the Ragnar investment fund, established by the partners of the renowned hedge fund group Alpha LTI, harnesses its partners' accumulated 78 years of experience to locate investment opportunities in Israeli companies. Ragnar accompanies the companies from the start of sales and throughout their entire life cycle – including after they become public.

The crossover market has been growing worldwide, and crossover funds have become critical players in the world's capital markets. However, crossover funds are rare in Israel, and the market is still in its initial stages.

Ragnar looks at reputable companies with a transparent profitability model.

The purpose of Ragnar's investment is to increase the growth of those companies so that they will be well-positioned for the public markets in the future.

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Who was Ragnar

Ragnar Lothbrok was a legendary Viking king known for his wisdom and courage.

His adventures were driven by his will to discover new destinations and empower his kingdom.

Ragnar's character symbolizes our fund's philosophy.

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