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Gabi Dishi

Gabi Dishi

Founding Partner & Chairman

Gabi has 23 years of experience in investment management in the Israeli capital market and he is the managing Partner & Co founder of Alpha LTI since 2005. His prior experience includes:

Head of investor relations and portfolio manager at Tamir Fishman Asset Management,

Advisor to companies in capital markets and high net worth individuals,

Board member of Abra (Israeli public company) which is controlled by Alpha funds group.

Gabi holds a BA in Economics and Management from Tel Aviv College ('01) and MBA in Business Administration, specialty in Finance from Bar Ilan University ('05).

Adv. Zac Rechtschaffen

Partner & CEO

Zac has been very active in the Israeli financial market and has played a leading role in landmark projects involving integrating some of the most prominent international financial institutions into the Israeli economy.

In addition, Zac has provided advice concerning investments of hundreds of millions of dollars in private equity funds.

Zac’s work has been recognized by international financial and legal publications, including Forbes and The Legal 500.

In addition to his practical work, Zac lectures at universities about his practice. Zac is a lecturer in the course: “Introduction to Investment Funds” at the Coller Capital Market Club in the Tel Aviv University Coller School of Management and lectured a class about Fintech & Financial Entrepreneurship at Bar-Ilan University to students enrolled in an MA program for bachelor in engineering or computer science.

Zac holds an MBA (Finance & Capital Markets Program for Honor Students) and an LLM (magna cum laude) from Bar Ilan University.      

Zac Rechtschaffen

Michael Weiss


Michael has 31 years of experience in investment management in the Israeli capital market.

Managing Partner & Co-founder Alpha LTI in 2005.

Prior experience includes: Managing Partner/Founder of Alpha LTI, CEO of Tamir Fishman Mutual Funds,

CEO of Evergreen Mutual Funds; Analyst Investment Ltd. as a high-tech and small cap companies analyst,

Israel Defense Forces - Lt. Colonel in the Israeli Air Force.

Michael has B.Sc from Ben Gurion University in Electrical Engineering and an MBA from Tel Aviv University

Michael Weiss
Aviran Revivo

Aviran Revivo


Aviran has 17 years of experience in investment management in the Israeli capital market.

Aviran is a managing Partner of Alpha Opportunities LP.

Prior experience includes: Senior Analyst at Sphera Fund, Analyst at Clal Finance Batucha brokerage Ltd,

Analyst at Halman-Aldubi.

Aviran holds a BA in Business Administration and History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 


Iris Scheimann Nahshon

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Iris has been the office manager of the Alpha Hedge Funds Group for many years.

As the Executive Assistant of Ragnar's CEO, she manages Ragnar’s business development, collaborations, and ongoing operations.

The Alpha Fund Analysts


Gili Weiss

OREN Yachdav

Oren Yachdav


Mali Haimov


Oren Dalal

Structural Separation Procedure

The Alpha Group and Ragnar Crossover Fund adopted a structural separation procedure (“Chinese walls”) between the marketable investments made by Alpha and Ragnar and the non-marketable investments made by Ragnar. The purpose of the procedure is to create Chinese walls between the various activities and to prevent leakage of inside information.

According to the provisions of the Procedure, Ragnar's non-marketable investment activities will be carried out by Ragnar employees who work on private investments only. Alpha will not employ such workers in the publicly traded securities activity. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the provisions of the Procedure shall not limit Ragnar from receiving analysis services from Alpha analysts, as long as during the period of their work on the analysis, the analysts will not be allowed to trade in securities or make any other use of inside information concerning the securities of any publicly traded company related to the company on which the analysis was performed.

In addition, employees who work on investments in public companies will not be exposed to and will not have access to any non-public information about corporations and companies related to the corporations in which Ragnar seeks to invest. Similarly, non-marketable investment employees will not participate in discussions on activities involving marketable securities.

The procedure also sets out provisions for managing and updating a watch list that includes reporting corporations for which inside information is available.

The Supervisor of the Procedure shall regularly monitor the Chinese walls, and report to Alpha's and Ragnar's boards. To the extent that the Supervisor determines that a suspected deviation has occurred, any  operations relating to such suspected deviation will be immediately ceased until the end of the inquiry and after receiving the opinion of Alpha's and Ragnar's external legal counsel.

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