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Torah Tech

Ragnar collaborated with Torah Tech, an organization that provides a unique gap-year program in Israel for young entrepreneurs that integrates intensive Torah study with professional development through business and tech internships. This partnership aims to provide these entrepreneurs with the best possible experience, giving them access to the resources, networks, and opportunities that make Israel a global leader in innovation.


The Israeli Insurtech Accelerator

Ragnar collaborates with the Israeli Insurtech Accelerator, in which start-ups from various fields receive funding and guidance from global professional mentors, including executives in worldwide technology and insurance firms, members of venture capital funds, and legal and financial consultants. We believe that the participation of start-ups in the accelerator will significantly contribute to their development and success.

Coller Capital Market Club

Ragnar collaborates with the Coller Capital Market Club in the Tel Aviv University Coller School of Management. As part of the collaboration, Ragnar conducts a course called "Introduction to Investment Funds", in which students receive practical tools and information from the world of investment funds in Israel and around the world. We see paramount importance in teaching the future generation and providing valuable tools to serve students in future careers.

Bar-Ilan University’s Investment Group

Ragnar collaborates with Bar-Ilan University's Investment Group, which belongs to the university's Department of Economics. As part of the collaboration, Ragnar's team provides the students with enrichment classes on investments.

University of Haifa's Capital Market Club

Ragnar collaborates with University of Haifa's Capital Market Club. As part of the collaboration, Ragnar's team provides the students with enrichment classes on capital markets.

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